BSV itself manufactures its own rotator, called the T50, which is particularly suitable for use on the KSII-grab series and with a WLL of 5 tonnes.

In addition, BSV imports and sells rotators from the manufacturer Baltrotor.

The BSV rotator T50 is built as a piston engine, which ensures stable torque from the start, smooth and quiet turning movement and high braking power.

The rotator is built with a bottom surface for direct bolting onto the grab to achieve the lowest possible installation height. An adapter with shaft and corresponding pipe suspension is offered if the rotator is to be used on several tools.

The rotary engine is used for truck cranes and a wide range of intermediate links for different types of cranes is offered.

Baltrotor is a robust rotator and is sold with a lifting capacity from 3 tons to 10 tons.

This type of rotator is available both with a rotator shaft or with a flat base plate for bolting on.

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