Mechanical sissor grabs

BSV has a wide range of scissor grabs for cranes, which are manufactured at our factory in Vejen, Denmark. BSV has developed and produced several thousand of scissor grabs in many different sizes and all are working 100% mechanically. It is Danish quality and many of our customers appreciate Danish-produced lifting tools, the high quality and long durability.

BSV mechanical scissor grabs are all equipped with a patented pawl system that ensures 100% automatic work, which we call every other time automatic.

After placing the grab on the load, a locking hook is released, so that the grab hold the load with the scissor arms until it is placed in the desired place and the grab is relieved. The process is repeated with the next load.

The grabs are equipped with a locking device that limits the closing to the minimum span. The grabs are equipped with replaceable rubber pads or steel jaws. Many grabs are also equipped with replaceable bearing rollers.

All our grabs are 100% Danish-made and test certificate and CE declaration is following. In addition to the standard color, remember that BSV can offer to paint in other colors.

If these scissor grabs are going to be used in cranes with lifting at a greater height, special rules apply for securing the goods.

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