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Return goods

Return goods will only be accepted against previous agreement and 20% return charges will be deducted. Specially manufactured or purchased goods cannot be returned.


Invoicing will take place at the prices valid on the date of delivery. In case of changes regarding settlements of wages, raw materials and/or exchange rates, customs rates, freight, insurance premiums etc. entailing increases of our manufacturing prices, we reserve the right to similar changes of the prices stated. This also applies in case of successive deliveries, provided during the delivery period the above charges should arise.

Time of delivery

In case the delivery will be hindered or considerably impeded as a consequence of war, war-like situations, disturbances, directions or actions from authorities or governments incl. import or export restrictions or strikes, lockouts, breakdown of machinery, accidents during tests or transports extensive damages by fire, missing supplies of raw materials or other circumstances beyond our control, the time of delivery will be postponed as long as the duration of said troubles. On that occasion the buyer is not allowed to cancel the deal. We do not undertake claims for damages for a possible delay of the delivery, arising as a result of the above circumstances. In case the duration of the troubles as stated will continue 3(three) months, counted from the date of delivery stipulated, the buyer should be entitled to cancel the deal. At current deliveries the similar provisions should apply for individual deliveries.

Place of deliveries

Deliveries will take place ex works in such a way that the buyer will bear the risk of unforeseen contingencies arising hereafter. This will apply irrespective if the seller defrays the costs of the further transport of the goods.


In case possible deficiencies of the suppliers are ascertained, the seller reserves the right without any hesitation at his own option to remedy the deficiency or redelivery free of charge.

The provisions will not apply:· In case of transport damages· In case of interventions and/or modifications carried out by a third party.· In case of fair wear and tear, faulty or negligent handling, overload, incorrect operating plants, or non-observance of the seller’s installation/operation instructions.

The buyer is not entitled to cancel the deal, require a return a proportional reduction of the purchase price or compensation. However, provided the deficiencies have not been remedied possibly by a return/re-delivery – not later than 3(three) months after the buyer’s complaint. It will apply, that both the buyer and the seller are entitled through a written information to the other party to cancel the agreement concluded in such.


A way that the seller takes back the equipment sold against refund of the purchase amount paid. The buyer is not entitled to further claims beyond the above.​​


Complaints to be send in writing within 8 days after the buyer’s receipt of the delivery concerned, otherwise, the buyer loses his right to invoke to the conditions subject of the complaint.

Reservations of Right of ownership

The proprietary rights of the goods sold will remain at the seller until all payment incl. interest on overdue payments have been received according to the present agreement. In case several goods have been sold under the same agreement, the reservation of right of the ownership will be valid until the purchase amount for all goods have been paid.

Responsibility of the Damages caused by the Materials (Product Liability)

The seller is only responsible of personal injuries if it is proved that the damage is due to faults or negligence by the seller or others under his responsibility.

The seller is not responsible for damage of properties or movable properties accruing during the possession of the material of the buyer. Neither the sellers is responsible for damages to products manufactured by the buyer nor to products in which these are included. Besides the seller is responsible of damages to properties and movable properties under the same conditions as concerning personal injuries. The seller is not responsible of operating loses, loss of earnings or other indirect losses. To that extent the seller will be imposed a product liability toward a third party, the buyer is committed to indemnify to the same extent as the seller´s liability limited according to the 3 previous sections.

The said limitations of the liability of the seller will not apply in case he is guilty of gross negligence. In case a third party presents a claim towards one of the parties concerning liability to pay damages according to this item. The party concerned is obliged without hesitation to notify the other party respectively. The seller and the buyer are mutually committed to be sued at the court of court of arbitrations, dealing the claim for damages against one of the parties based on a damage alleged as caused by the material.


All sales are subject to Danish laws. All disagreements if any to be settled at the court in Esbjerg, Denmark, unless other agreements with the customer.

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